“Aberdeen // Yubari” print work

This is a resulting print work of the “Aberdeen // Yubari” project 2019-2020. It was a printmaking project connecting community and context of two cities built around energy – Aberdeen, Scotland and Yubari, Japan. Yubari is known as a former coal mining city.

To produce a limited edition print work collaboratively with people in both cities, David Fryer, community entrepreneur, activist and cyclist based in Torry was invited as the Aberdeen participant. He was asked to take three photographs on the theme of ‘what you think of as the landscape of your city’. In Yubari, there was a call for submission from the pupils of Yubari Primary School, and 14 children across all grades submitted images based on the same theme. Three finalist images were taken by Hana Sakurai (6th grade), Yukiji Hokao (3rd grade), and Wakana Tsuji (3rd grade). Each three images were exchanged via email between Aberdeen and Yubari. Mr Fryer selected the final image of Yubari (Wakana Tsuji), and three Yubari pupils selected one final image of Mr Fryer for printmaking. At Peacock Visual Arts’ print studio, the image of the Victoria Bridge over the River Dee taken by Mr Fryer was printed in a purple colour chosen by David himself. On the other hand, the image of Shuparo Lake and the old and new Shirogane Bridges taken by Ms Wakana Tsuji was printed in pastel pink chosen by Wakana herself.

Resulting print works were framed and gifted to participants and supporters in both locations as a symbol of gratitude and long-lasting partnership into the future.

For more on the project, please visit: https://aberdeen-yubari.tumblr.com/