“Aberdeen // Yubari” celebratory event

On 9th February 2020, we had a work gifting ceremony of “Aberdeen // Yubari” project at the Old Torry Community Centre. With lovely local residents, Dr Nuno Sacramento (Peacock Visual Arts), Barney Crockett (Lord Provost of Aberdeen), David Fryer (Aberdeen participant, and The Old Torry Community Centre), and Manami Sato (Shimizusawa Project) who joined through Skype from midnight Yubari at -10 degrees!

With the expertise and support from David McCracken, James Vass and Neil Corall at Peacock Visual Arts, the resulting print came out with a series of elegant harmonies of colour, composition and context. The halftone image of the Victoria Bridge connecting Aberdeen and Torry over the River Dee taken by David Fryer was printed over the purple colour chosen by David himself. On the other hand, the halftone image of Shuparo Lake and the old/new Shirogane Bridge taken by Wakana Tsuji was printed in pastel pink chosen by Wakana herself. Both halftones consist of a set of dots. This helped to represent the manual process involved in the printmaking, while successfully transforming two pieces of digital image to an abstract, tactile and visually outstanding art piece.