Nigg–Cove Coastal Trail

The “Nigg–Cove Coastal Trail”, which traces the geological significance of the coastal area around Torry through 7 stops, was published by Professor Alastair Dawson of University of Aberdeen in 2009. Why don’t you try and walk along this coastal trail to (re)discover Torry’s different dimensions and landscapes spanning over millions of years of geological time. But please do make sure to wear appropriate clothings and mind your steps when you walking around the cliffs!

“The coast between Nigg and Cove features some dramatic and beautiful scenery. The rocks from which it is made represent some of the oldest in Scotland. They have been sculpted over millions of years by wind, wave and tide to create what we see today as a spectacular landscape of high cliffs and narrow coves filled with pounding surf. Stepping out on top of the cliffs in the fresh air is a walk through history with the different rocks below our feet providing stories of the incredible journey that Scotland has taken through geological history. The rocks and sediments provide clues that help us to reconstruct a remarkable story of past oceans, mountain ranges, volcanoes and glaciers….”

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“Nigg Bay to Cove coastal footpath geology and geomorphology” (2009) by Professor Alastair Dawson, Aberdeen Institute of Coastal Science & Management, University of Aberdeen