Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Let

Old Torry Community Centre Association OTCCA SCIO (the SCIO) is independently managed by local volunteers who make up the SCIO and the Community Centre is situated in a residential area. We work to maintain a reputation of being a good neighbour to those who stay nearby.


Application for the use of the Old Torry Community Centre must be made on the appropriate application form in advance of proposed event which is available on our website www.oldtorry.org.uk

Applicants will be advised in writing by post or e-mail whether their application is successful or unsuccessful. Let offers accepted by the customer will be considered to be firm bookings and the relevant payment will be due to be paid at least seven days in advance of the let whether the let is used or not unless notice of cancellation is received in writing by the SCIO.

Individuals or groups who wish to use the Centre for the purpose of entertainments should check with the Centre whether a licence i.e. a Theatre Act or Public Entertainment Licence is required and in place.

The requested time for all lets must include time for set up, tidy up and clean as required, and are to be included in the charge. The SCIO will request a returnable deposit of £50-00 in addition to the let charges and this will be fully-refundable on the basis that the let concludes on time and that the Centre is left in a clean and tidy condition throughout.

Health and Safety

Before a let is offered by the SCIO the applicant must give sufficient information in the application form about their activity to ensure that the activity is suitable for the Centre.

A mutually convenient joint site meeting between the applicant and the SCIOs representative must be arranged prior to the applicant’s official use of the building at the start of the period of hire ensuring that the necessary information and instructions for use of the Centre are provided and understood. No let shall be allowed to commence where such a meeting has not taken place. This procedure must be followed for each new or renewed let. If the let group leader changes then a meeting should be arranged with the Association’s representative.

If the applicant is providing a coaching, teaching or instruction service then copies of relevant qualifications and personal indemnity and public liability insurance must be provided. These must meet the requirements of relevant governing bodies for the activity.

Persons hiring the Centre will be responsible for the activities undertaken with respect to health and safety upon the premises. This includes, ensuring PVG Checks are carried out (where appropriate,) the provision of adequate supervision and the relaying and implementation of those emergency procedures to and by their group while on the premises. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that, the ratio of participants in any activity to leaders / users meet any current guidelines covering that activity and that all relevant regulations are adhered too.

Groups must be met at the Centre by their group leader. The group leader is responsible for ensuring that group members access only those areas included in the let, and that the total number of group members is in accordance with the total number as stipulated to meet health and safety requirements of the Centre.

Twice yearly fire-drills are to be carried out with all groups in consultation with the SCIO’s representative.

Detailed information and guidance on local user arrangements will be available from the SCIO’s representative coupled with the provision of any in-situ relevant notices and signage.    Note: the side passage and gate area must be kept clear at all times.

Floors require to be left clear of mess, spills and trip hazards. Appropriate cleaning materials for each area will be provided by the SCIO for use in cleaning up/tidying up. No unauthorised cleaning materials are to be brought into the Centre for use.

All tables used are to be cleaned after use, and returned to and strapped into the trolley caddy.

All black-stacking and plastic stacking chairs are to be stacked no more than four high as per notices in the areas as designated during the site visit.

Toilets should be left clean and the baby changing bins emptied if used.

Emergency action briefing will be carried out with all applicants, highlighting the following points:

  • the emergency procedures for fire or a suspected gas leak;
  • the means and location of raising the alarm and summoning help, e.g. break glass points and nearest available telephone;
  • the location in the building to highlight the escape routes, exits and muster point, and location of gas shut-off valves;
  • the sound (constantly buzzing siren) of the fire alarm and the help alarm in the toilets (constant buzzing tone)
  • procedures for recording and reporting accidents / incidents;
  • location of first aid facilities (if provided). If this is not accessible, applicants must make their own provision;
  • procedures for reporting any defective/ damaged equipment.

Vacating the building in an emergency

The Old Torry Community Centre has a fully-integrated fire detection system triggered by detection of heat or smoke sensors within the Centre and the roof void.  On discovery of a fire within the main areas of the Centre, any of the three-alarm call button must be used to trigger the alarm and everyone in the Centre must make their way out in an orderly manner through the nearest fire escape indicated by the Group Leader. The Fire and Rescue Service (F&RS) should be phoned on 999 by the Group Leader(s) and confirm the location of the Centre and the incident to them. The designated muster point is on the pavement opposite the Community Centre on Abbey Place and the Group Leader must check that everyone attending the group meeting is accounted for prior to the arrival of the F&RS. No one should be allowed back into the Centre until the Fire Service deem it to be safe.

Equipment & Facilities

All electrical equipment brought into and used upon the premises by the applicant must have a valid PAT test date, and must be suitable for the environment within which it is to be used.

Equipment provided for lets includes only items such as tables, chairs, projector, screen, and kitchen facilities, including cooker, microwave, utensils, crockery and cutlery.

Use of Centre equipment is authorised on the basis that only competent and authorised persons are allowed to use it. Charges will be incurred for the replacement or repair or of any equipment, fixtures, fittings or building fabric due to misuse. The Association reserves the right to withdraw permission to use any equipment should reports be received that due care is not being exercised by the organisation concerned.

Lessees will be shown how to use equipment. All equipment provided for use in the Centre must be used for the purpose for which it has been designed. All defects or damage must be reported immediately.

No storage space or displays in the Centre by the applicant will be permitted unless formally agreed by the Board of Trustee, or by the Secretary & Chair of the Board of Trustees acting on behalf the Board.  Unauthorised use, displays or misuse of the premises and/or equipment may result in the termination of the let and a re-charge for any damages to be rectified.

The use of the Centre for the following purposes will be granted only on conditions stated below:

  • For sporting/exercise activities non-marking sports footwear must be worn.
  • For dancing light shoes only will be worn and no slipperine or any other substance will be applied to the floor.
  • For other activities, the applicant must ensure that suitable footwear is worn at all

Alcohol in the Old Torry Community Centre premises

No alcohol should be brought in and consumed on the premises without the prior written approval of the Association’s Board of Trustees. The consumption of alcohol in the Centre at approved functions may be permitted where the refreshment is provided free of charge by the organisers or where patrons supply their own alcohol refreshments provided under-18s are not allowed to partake.

Smoking in the Old Torry Community Centre Premises

No smoking (this also includes e-cigarettes) is permitted in the Community Centre and the side entrance area. If the applicant or members of their group, choose to smoke outside they are requested to use the smoker’s station located outside the front entrance.


Where groups wish to use kitchen facilities at the Centre, this should be clearly indicated. The Association’s representative will liaise with the groups accordingly whether this will be possible and under what conditions. No food preparation will be permitted without the applicant that is preparing food for consumption holding a valid or having completed, as a minimum, the Basic Food Hygiene course.

If the kitchen is used, all work-surfaces, floor, cooker, microwave, and all other utensils used by the applicant need to be cleaned and wiped dry and returned to cupboard storage before the end of the period of the let.

Recycling of materials

The Centre aims to be an eco-friendly building and separate bins are provided for segregation of paper, plastics, food and general waste and we request that all applicants follow this practice. The general waste bin should be emptied at the end of the hire session and the bag placed in the bucket stored in the side passage of the Centre.

Termination of the Let:

It shall be within the discretion of Old Torry Community Centre Association’s Board of Trustees:

  1. to modify or to discontinue a let accordingly as the accommodation may be required subject to appropriate notice of the proposed change being given to the intending applicant;
  2. to refuse occupancy or to terminate any letting without notice, and without assigning any reasons, in any case where, such action is deemed necessary;

The Old Torry Community Centre Association Board of Trustees also reserves the right of entry to its premises at all times for their themselves, volunteers or representatives.