Torry Ecomuseum Project: Travelling Exhibition

The national lockdown due to COVID-19 in March 2020 prompted the Old Torry Community Centre Association to look for a way to promote the natural beauty of our river and coastal areas. With help from Historic Environment Scotland, St James’s Place and the Stafford Trust, we embraced the global framework of “ecomuseum”, a museum without building or collection originating in 1970s France, TEP centralises place identity and heritage through inviting community participation in making interactive online exhibitions. We also continued to develop a twinning link with Yubari in the North of Japan

We invite you to offer to host the TEP exhibition in your place of work, worship or leisure to allow folk to look over the photos and materials gifted in this fascinating and varied insights that highlights the Torry community’s enduring relationship with its built and natural environment, and its distinct social, work and leisure relationships with waterways, including the River Dee, Aberdeen Harbour, and varied coastal settings from beaches, cliffs, coastal walks and wetlands.

Here are examples of pops up and display material we created for the Open Day back in November. We look forward to hearing from you

Contact: David Fryer, Chair, Old Torry Community Centre
07563 731084

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