Learn with Lead Scotland in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire 

Would you like help to develop your skills and learn something new? 

We can support you with

• Improving your reading, writing and number skills 

• Developing a personal learning plan so you can pursue your goals 

• Feeling more confident 

• Improving your computer and digital skills 

• Achieving Core Skill Qualifications 

• Gaining an SCQF accredited Adult Achievement Award 

We work with you one to one or in a group and our service is free. During Covid-19, we work with you through the phone and online. Please contact Fiona Fraser for an informal chat by phone 07741742560 or email ffraser@lead.org.uk. 

This project is supported by The Agnes Hunter Trust 

Please let us know if you require this leaflet in any other format. 

Lead Scotland: Linking Education and Disability, Scottish Charity No. 003949. Company Ltd.by guarantee, registered in Scotland, 110186. Lead Scotland Head Office, 525 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH5 2FF. 

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Visit our website: www.lead.org.uk 

Email our head office: enquiries@lead.org.uk 

Call our helpline number: 0800 999 2568 

What our learners say… 

‘If it hadn’t been for Fiona and Lead, I don’t think I would have completed the work (for an Award) and that has allowed me to feel proud of myself.’ 

‘I probably wouldn’t have gone to college if it wasn’t for Lead.’ 

‘Lead’s support has been extremely person centred, focused on my specific needs.’